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Our Products

We are the manufacturing turnkey and customized electronics products. Mainly we are into the R&D of customized automation, power saving, high power electrical control, robotics, security system, and LED lighting solution. For home automation and industrial automation we can give very efficient solution on the spot. With our sensor, timer, and server based dimmable led lighting system can provide you more power saving. Not only lighting you can control high power points likes AC, geyser and motors with touch from a single point.
We are offering products.
  • Home & industrial automation system.
  • LED lighting.

Home & industrial Automation

Our total home and industrial automation system is wireless and customizable as per the requirement and need. Especially our home automation system is not required any special wiring and it fitable with existing electrical wiring. No need to change any switches board and your manual control.
All of our automaton products are very smart and parallel with your existing electrical system with backup option. Our automation systems are very flexible and cost effective. With our home automation you can control light, fan, AC, TV, Home theater, geyser, curtains, door, window, get, garage door, LPG gas oven and security alarm system with APP and web browser based computerize system from anywhere in the world.
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LED Lighting

Our all of the led lighting products are our own factory make with prime quality. For the LED lighting the main challenge is with good quality, powerful and PF corrected LED driver. This should be suitable for Indian weather and electrical stander. As per the LED light concept it saves more power and gives long life guaranty then any other product. But only requirement is the good quality PF corrected LED driver. We are manufacturing all kind of Digital led drive.

We are offering
  • LED Down light.
  • LED street light.
  • Dimmable LED down light.
  • Sensor based, RTC based and dimmable Street light.
  • RGB led light.
  • APP based color changing down light.
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